Equestrian Neighborhoods

TX Hill Country Horse
TX Hill Country Horse

There are many equestrian neighborhoods in Central Texas. Some Austin TX area equestrian neighborhoods have a central barn, some have an arena too, some are adjacent to public trails or have their own trails. Other homes are “stand alone” – not being in an equestrian neighborhood but allowing horses. Most equestrian neighborhoods limit the number of horses you can have on your lot. Some lots in equestrian neighborhoods may not even allow horses. I know of at least one equestrian neighborhood that limits the hours a day your horse can be out in the pasture versus in your barn! There are also many price rages in Equestrian Communities in the Central Texas area. From the most humble of homes under $200,000. to luxury estates in the millions.

Natural Features of Central Texas Horse Properties

As far as topography and geography in Central Texas – there are rolling plains areas where there is a lot of farming. You may see cotton, sorghum, corn and other crops such as wheat being grown. Then there are the piney woods. There is also the Texas Hill Country. There are also many soil types in Central Texas such as sandy loam soil, blackland farmland, rocky soil and others. There are many different types of trees in the Austin TX area too such as evergreen trees as well as deciduous trees. There are lots of live oak trees and ashe juniper or “cedar” trees as they are commonly called, as well as eastern red cedar, pine trees and many more types.

Austin TX NEW Horse Homes

Some great equestrian neighborhoods may not have anything available for sale at the time you first start looking but something may come available later. Some equestrian neighborhoods almost always have at least one place for sale. However, if there are no homes for sale in a particular neighborhood, I can help you to find a lot and build your own custom home. I am familiar with many great area home builders. Whether you want an Aging In Place, Universal Design; Greenbuilt Home or a certain architectural style – like Craftsman or Texas Farmhouse I can help you. We have some great home and barn architects and builders in the Austin Texas area.

Horse Property Specialist REALTOR

So as you can see, there are many variations of equestrian neighborhoods where you and your horse can live in Central Texas! I can help to educate you, tell you about equestrian neighborhoods and show you the neighborhoods and homes which you are attracted to. Don’t worry- it will come to you, which place is right for you and your horse and I am happy and honored to assist you in that journey. Call Betty Saenz at 512-785-5050 or e-mail Betty Saenz. You can also text me.

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